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20 January 2021, ABC11 WTVD – See the Facebook post

“For $200, you can rent the Rialto Theater and watch a movie with up to 100 25* people.”

‘I have to pay rent’: Raleigh theater owner opens space for private showings

* Rialto edit: Regretfully, due to current COVID restrictions, we regret that for now rental parties are limited to 25 people.

30 July 2020, WRAL – Quotes from the full WRAL article

‘Family Activity: Pick up some real movie theater popcorn from an actual movie theater

“During this ongoing pandemic, I miss a lot of things. Big things like a world that’s not gripped by a pandemic and economic uncertainty and a back-to-school season where the only big decision is what kind of backpack to get. And little things like settling into a comfortable movie theater, getting some popcorn and enjoying the latest flick. I miss movie theaters desperately, and I can’t wait to get back inside one when it’s safe.

But if you want a taste of the movie theater at your next at-home movie night, let me direct you over to Ambassador Entertainment, owner of the Rialto cinema in Raleigh.

Ambassador is offering Popcorn Pickups each Friday and Saturday. You can pick up some popcorn and other treats and support a local business at the same time.”

At the Rialto, 1620 Glenwood Ave. in Raleigh’s Five Points, you can get a 46-ounce popcorn for $4.50; an 86-ounce container for $5.75; or, if you REALLY love popcorn, a 30-gallon bag for $20 (which my friend did for fun!).”

WRAL also noted  …

“Update: Carolina Theatre in Durham also is offering online ordering of its popcorn, candy, drinks and more.”

From all of us in the cinema industry, please be careful out there.

26 May 2020, ABC11 – Quotes from the full ABC11 article

‘Rialto marquee giving smiles to those passing by during pandemic

‘RALEIGH (WTVD) — Theaters across the country are shut down as we endure the grips of COVID-19.’    …

‘One week, the marquee read “Groundhog Day.”

“If you have ever seen the movie,” owner Bill Peebles says, “it’s like the same day, repeated day and day and day, one after the other.”

“We wanted to use our marquee for fun, I guess,” Peebles added.

The theatre has been keeping busy- offering movie lovers bags of popcorns on Fridays.’

14 May 2020, WRAL – Quotes from the full WRAL article

‘The Rialto ready to reopen, help moviegoers enjoy film experience while staying safe

“In the auditorium we have roped off every other row,” said Bill Peebles, owner of The Rialto.

The Rialto

. . .

“You just don’t play around with this stuff,” Peebles said.    . . .

“We are six feet apart in all directions, we can have six humans in the lobby at a time,” Peebles said.   . . .

The signs are posted and plexiglass around concessions will soon be erected. Everyone who enters must wear a mask. If you want to get a refill on a new drink, you’ll be handed a new cup. It’s just a step to avoid transmission.’

See the full WRAL article