Marquee Madness

A little levity to lighten these nutty COVID-19 times …

Weekly, we’re changing the marquee, matching an event (or movie release) to the date and a relevant movie quote.  We hope it lends a little humor to your days, as you drive by our door.

Jun-20 Hakuna Matata.  A favorite Father’s Day film, THE LION KING, is the theme for this week’s marquee at The Rialto! Mufasa’s love & guidance shows the best of what it means to be a father. It’s been tough lately but we hope all you Dads have ‘no worries’ at least for one day! Happy Father’s Day!
Jun-15 Where there is Love there is Life. The epic masterpiece GANDHI is our inspiration for this week’s marquee. During this pandemic the value of life and love has been highlighted in a way none of us could have imagined. Mahatma Gandhi was right, love is the power of the universe.
Jun-08 The Knights Who Say NI. A shrubbery is ALL the Knights who say “NI” needed, to let Arthur to pass on his quest for the Holy Grail – it’s a shame a shrubbery isn’t the answer to COVID-19! We’ll remain the keepers of the sacred words NI, Ping & Nee-womm – just in case!!


Jun-01 We Shall Never Surrender. This week The Historic Rialto remembers the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Dunkirk (May 26th – June 4th 1940). During the COVID-19 pandemic we felt that the words of Winston Churchill, quoted in the movie Dunkirk, were very appropriate …

May-26 Always Look on The Bright Side of Life. We may not be able to open The Historic Rialto doors just yet, but in the words of Monty Python, it’s ‘just a flesh wound’. We’ll be back as soon as it’s ‘armless to do so!! In the meantime
May-18 Life will find a way. Jurassic Park is this week’s theme at The Rialto! So … “Hold Onto Your Butts” until the Governor gives us the go-ahead to reopen! We’ll let you know as soon as we have firm dates & times for our weekend screenings of Jurassic Park, Jaws & Back to the Future. In the meantime …
May-11 A Whole New World
Unlike Aladdin we may not be able to “Show You the World” at the moment, but as soon as it’s safe to open we’ll be showing you what it used to look like! In the meantime The Historic Rialto’s marquee says it all …
May-05 Revenge of the Fifth
Today we continue our Star Wars theme as well as wishing everyone a Happy Cinco de Mayo.
May-04 May The Fourth Be With You
From everyone at The Historic Rialto Theatre – our wish to you on ‘Star Wars Day’ …
Apr-28 Groundhog Day. This week it feels like Groundhog Day … again! Rita: “What did you do today?” Phil: “Oh, same-old, same-old” At The Rialto we ask you to keep on doing the same things – Staying Safe, Staying Healthy and Being Kind!
Apr-20 ET Stay Home. We’re sure that ET would agree with all of us here at The Rialto – now is not the ideal time for a visit! For those of you already here, please phone home to check on family and friends! Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Be Kind!
Apr-13 We’ll be Back. Arnie’s famous quote sums up how we all feel at The Historic Rialto! In the meantime please, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Be Kind!
Apr-07 To The Front Door and Not Beyond. Here at The Historic Rialto, we hope that Woody and Buzz Lightyear will be ‘infinitely’ forgiving of a little poetic license on our latest marquee! Stay safe, stay healthy, be kind!
Mar-31 No Place Like Home. We may not be able to screen any movies at the moment but we thought you may enjoy the occasional quote from some of our favorite films! Starting with Dorothy:
Mar-20 Stay Safe. After much deliberation, the Rialto Theatre has temporarily suspended operations in an attempt to support the health and well-being of the local community and with particular concern for at-risk groups.